Sunday, March 4, 2012

Instrutorials - Part 3 - Starting with the UI, API

Hi all,

After a few busy weeks finally another update!

I've started work on the main interface of the app. You can see a screenshot below, but it's still rather empty:

Just so you know, the keyboard has nothing to do with the application, it's just Swype :)

Another screenshot in landscape:

This beautifully shows how awesome and clean the new Action Bar is. On landscape the tabs are included in the Action Bar so no space is wasted. However, the implementation is a lot more difficult than Google admits, so it was a bit of a hassle.

One of the reasons is that TabLayout is now deprecated. If one wants to use tabs, the Action Bar is the only valid way to go. Coupling that with Fragments, TabListeners and LayoutInflators and it's a whole lot more work than a simple TabLayout. At least it looks nice these days.
One of the things I've learned in the last weeks is that Google is a troll. Read the following:

Google: One of the things we leaned during the TTUI course at University Hasselt: If you want developers to use specific design choices, make those choices the easy option. Don't make it impossibly difficult. Using gestures to switch between tabs is one of the most difficult UI implementations that exists for Android. For starters: If you want developers to use it that bad, just add it to the SDK, instead of using difficult code in your own apps and not sharing it. Thanks.

Anyway back to the subject:

I also started to work on the API connection. For this i use @pjv_'s library. You can find it on Github:
This had a few complications.

  1. I have some experience with Subversion. Git, however, is a whole new world for me. Getting to know all commands, how to use them at what times,... I guess I'll get the hang of it by using it.
  2. The API wrapper didn't really include an example. It was used in Collectionista (same developer), which is a huge app already, so it was a bit difficult getting it to work. But after clearing some things with the developer I finally successfully queried the API and gotten some valid results. Yay!
I have no screenshots to show off about the API, unless you're interested in pure text-based command-line prints. But, being able to see those prints after a few weeks was a big leap forward.

Another busy week ahead so it might be one or two weeks until my next post.
Progress is slow but steady. And that's what counts.


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