Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tower Rush Website

Just to be clear, development on Tower Rush WILL continue.

Currently I’m working on a website for Torus, where peeps can upload/download/comment on/rate maps/skins/replays. Seriously, I still have big plans for Torus.

To make this even more clear: I’ll spoil a bit of my current ToDo list:

  • Fix website
  • Recording games (for replays)
  • LAN = multiplayer capability
  • Handicap for AI
  • Map Editor
  • Custom controls
  • New types of towers
  • Online stats system
  • Timer for match duration
  • Interactive Tutorial
  • Achievements
  • Real-time recalculation of paths to allow dynamic maps

As you can see: still lots of work, and I’m a slow worker.

You can check out the site (which is still in development) at

See y’all!


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