Monday, June 13, 2011

Tower Rush

Hello folks!
This post is about a project I did together with my friend Michael Lumingu, called Tower Rush. It’s a game written in Java based on the PSN title Mushroom Wars. In short: You have towers, your enemy or enemies have towers. Purpose of the game: Making sure your enemies have no towers. Sounds simple right?

Before you go all “OMG WINDOWS” on my ass: I have written the game in my Fedora distribution. The screenshots are just for showing off cross-platform compability. Above, you can see the main menu. You can currently choose between three maps:
  1. “Sample Map” is a map for 2 players. Blue starts in the top left corner, while Red starts in the bottom right.
  2. “Sample Map 4 Players” is a map for 4 players.
  3. "Island 4 Players” is also a map for 4 players, designed by Tom Smets (since I needed more maps and was too lazy to come up with a third).
Also as you can see, you can choose a game speed. This speed can be set to:
  • Normal (hoorray!)
  • x1.2
  • x1.5
  • x3
  • x10
Also, there are currently 3 simple AI’s included. A random one which targets random towers, a “smart attack” which targets weak or important enemy towers, and a “smart attack + defense” which does the same as the “smart attack” but even smarter while also defending its own towers.

In-game footage:

This is in-game footage of the “Island 4 players” map. As you can see, the “smart attack + defense” AI is winning, while having 313 soldiers at the moment.

Now how does the gameplay work:

Firstly, towers generate soldiers. You can see the number of soldiers in each tower. Bigger towers generate soldiers faster (so they are more important than small towers). You can send soldiers from one tower to another. If you send soldiers to one of your own towers, the soldier count will increase, thus you send reinforcements. If you send soldiers to another tower, the soldier count will decrease. If you sent more soldiers to a tower then there are in the tower, you will own the tower. Soldiers only battle inside towers. For each attacking soldier, one defending soldier will die. For example, if you send 30 soldiers to a tower of 25 soldiers, you should own the tower afterwards, but only 5 soldiers will be left. Also, don’t forget that towers generate soldiers in the meantime, so that could mean sending 30 soldiers isn’t enough!

A tower also has a maximum number of soldiers. Well not really, a tower can contain as much soldiers as you’d like. Only, if there are 40 soldiers or more in a tower, it WON’T generate new ones. Keep this in mind!

Controls are included, just click on the help button in the main menu ;)

This game was created for the course “Cross-term Project” at University Hasselt. However, if I can, I will continue developing this game, adding new content like:
  • LAN support (MULTIPLAYER!)
  • Sound
  • Map editor
  • new features!
The game is written in Java. You should be able to run the game through a console (or cmd) by the following command: “java -jar towerrush.jar”. Or by just executing the .jar file.

DOWNLOAD: HERE (latest version)
If you liked it, you may always donate for future development! :p

Have fun, and please, leave feedback.


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