Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Time of my life?

Damn I have been busy lately. Image-compression, IRC-clients, DCC File transfers, chess, “Carcassonne”,… Do I really need to say more? And that’s only the school stuff…

Some of you, (like a certain individual which carries the name “Pieter”) are probably shouting ‘Nay!’ right now. However, since I’m counting on at least one yea-sayer, I’ll explain it anyway.

  • Chess: I’m not going to spend a lot of text on this one. I just needed to create some object-oriented structures in C++, with whom I could create a working chess game. Nothing to see here, please move on. Thank you.
  • Image Compression (with Bram Janssen):
    • TGA Compression: A encoder/decoder for converting .tga images from type 2 to type 10 and back. (Run-length Encoding anyone?)
    • A simple image encoder/decoder based on JPEG (but simpler). Short explanation:
      • Macroblocks
      • DCT
      • Quantisation
      • Run-length Encoding.

        Easy right?

  • aIRCaft (with Bram Janssen): See what I did there? Forgetting an ‘r’ and changing some capitalization makes for some interesting app names! aIRCaft (Advanced Internet Relay Chat and File Transfer) is actually not that advanced as the name shows. It’s rather basic, but hey, it works. Connecting to servers, joining/leaving/creating channels, KICKING/BANNING CAPS LOCK SPAMMERS, it’s all possible. And the cherry on top is DCC File transfer! Yup, users can transfer files to others using DCC, how nifty!

Screenshot: (link) or see below (smaller)

  • ‘Carcassonne’: Urgh… About that… Bad planning and time issues led to an unfinished project. Since it was done in teams of two students, I wasn’t really in control of all factors. Let’s just say that I’ve done as much as I could on my part of the project.

Now, on to what really was “the time of my life” the past few months. HIBIN Batuta is a student fraternity at University Hasselt, which has been brought back to life after a year of inactivity by my good friend Niels Peetermans. As Treasurer of HIBIN Batuta, I will be handling everything which has to do with money, so I feel a bit richer than usual nowadays.

Be sure to check out the site of HIBIN Batuta, it’s about to be totally renewed in a few weeks, so don’t be to cruel on it’s current design, we’ve got a pro working on it ;)

See you all later,


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