Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Hey all,

Once again, no progress on any of my projects, but I'm going to tell you about a small hobby of mine. I like to mix music (yes, like a DJ). However, I don't use any professional material, just Traktor on my laptop. Last weekend I mixed a bit on a party organized by my good friend Bram (yup, the guy I'm working on FlickMe with), and I only got good feedback. That's why I recorded the mix and since I have been posting it on twitter and facebook, why won't i post it here right? So here it is:

Smexy Thomly's Tomorrowland Mix by SmexyThomly

I also made my "own" mix of One - Swedish House Mafia, One (Congorock Remix) - Swedish House Mafia, and Babylon - Congorock. You can find that one here:

One (Smexy Thomly's Congorock Bootleg) by SmexyThomly

Anyway that's it for updates again, see you later!


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  1. only good feedback? :P ik heb nochtans veel mensen horen vragen of er iemand ook eens echte muziek wou opzetten en ni de hele tijd dezelfde nummers :P

  2. Da zult dan toch alleen gij geweest zijn :D Ik zeg hier alleen maar wa de host van het feestje mij gezegd had :p