Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Hey all,

Finally made some progress today, Steven came by to work on Dragon Disaster together. Seriously, I haven't seen a database as extended as the one we're creating yet. We were working on the mathematical functions needed to get a battle scene going, and searching for some functions to calculate all possible stats needed. Also, the design for the website will start from scratch since Steven already got tired of the current design, while he only had designed a small portion in the course of a week. If he grew tired already, we would have a hard time keeping users on the site...

About FlickMe, I cleaned up the user-database and created a register page. It's not working yet since I haven't implemented the server side stuff yet. Bram is doing most of the work on that one, but then again, he's a bit more professional and skilled than me. :p

Anyway see you later,



  1. Leugens in die laatste zin! Als het niet aan u lag, had heel teamC7 nog nieens geweten wat RESTFULL was :D

  2. haha nee bram da's de pure waarheid, en wa RESTful is weet ik eigelijk nog altijd nie, ik volg gewoon de interpretatie van de michael :D