Friday, July 9, 2010

Currently in development

Hello everyone,
Like I said, I will be updating you all with the stuff i'm working on, so I decided to make this first "decent" blogpost.
  • FlickMe: I can be quite short about this one:

    "FlickMe's goal is to provide a platform based on the love for series and movies. Users can add movies and series that they've seen and get recommended movies and series from the webservice. At the moment is under construction, considering we've just started coding the site. " -- Bram Janssen

    As you can see, it's a project which I'm working on together with my collegue and mate Bram Janssen.
    Oh how easy is it to have collegues who also blog. It makes this post a lot shorter.
  • Dragon Disaster: This project is even a lot less developed in comparision to FlickMe. I'm working on this online browser game together with my friend Steven Tokarek. Actually only the ideas have been expressed just yet, and Steven has started work on some art. People who know me a bit better might remember an old project named "Monster Haunter Online". Well this is the same, except Java instead of that good old PHP.
So those are at the moment the projects which got my interests. I hope they get yours too.
See you later,

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