Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Time of my life?

Damn I have been busy lately. Image-compression, IRC-clients, DCC File transfers, chess, “Carcassonne”,… Do I really need to say more? And that’s only the school stuff…

Some of you, (like a certain individual which carries the name “Pieter”) are probably shouting ‘Nay!’ right now. However, since I’m counting on at least one yea-sayer, I’ll explain it anyway.

  • Chess: I’m not going to spend a lot of text on this one. I just needed to create some object-oriented structures in C++, with whom I could create a working chess game. Nothing to see here, please move on. Thank you.
  • Image Compression (with Bram Janssen):
    • TGA Compression: A encoder/decoder for converting .tga images from type 2 to type 10 and back. (Run-length Encoding anyone?)
    • A simple image encoder/decoder based on JPEG (but simpler). Short explanation:
      • Macroblocks
      • DCT
      • Quantisation
      • Run-length Encoding.

        Easy right?

  • aIRCaft (with Bram Janssen): See what I did there? Forgetting an ‘r’ and changing some capitalization makes for some interesting app names! aIRCaft (Advanced Internet Relay Chat and File Transfer) is actually not that advanced as the name shows. It’s rather basic, but hey, it works. Connecting to servers, joining/leaving/creating channels, KICKING/BANNING CAPS LOCK SPAMMERS, it’s all possible. And the cherry on top is DCC File transfer! Yup, users can transfer files to others using DCC, how nifty!

Screenshot: (link) or see below (smaller)

  • ‘Carcassonne’: Urgh… About that… Bad planning and time issues led to an unfinished project. Since it was done in teams of two students, I wasn’t really in control of all factors. Let’s just say that I’ve done as much as I could on my part of the project.

Now, on to what really was “the time of my life” the past few months. HIBIN Batuta is a student fraternity at University Hasselt, which has been brought back to life after a year of inactivity by my good friend Niels Peetermans. As Treasurer of HIBIN Batuta, I will be handling everything which has to do with money, so I feel a bit richer than usual nowadays.

Be sure to check out the site of HIBIN Batuta, it’s about to be totally renewed in a few weeks, so don’t be to cruel on it’s current design, we’ve got a pro working on it ;)

See you all later,


Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Hey all,

Once again, no progress on any of my projects, but I'm going to tell you about a small hobby of mine. I like to mix music (yes, like a DJ). However, I don't use any professional material, just Traktor on my laptop. Last weekend I mixed a bit on a party organized by my good friend Bram (yup, the guy I'm working on FlickMe with), and I only got good feedback. That's why I recorded the mix and since I have been posting it on twitter and facebook, why won't i post it here right? So here it is:

Smexy Thomly's Tomorrowland Mix by SmexyThomly

I also made my "own" mix of One - Swedish House Mafia, One (Congorock Remix) - Swedish House Mafia, and Babylon - Congorock. You can find that one here:

One (Smexy Thomly's Congorock Bootleg) by SmexyThomly

Anyway that's it for updates again, see you later!


P.S.: You can like my dj-persona on facebook:

Friday, July 30, 2010

Home and Work

Hey all,

Today I finally got some rest after a really full week.

Firstly, Tomorrowland was AWESOME. You can check it's site for pics and vids. Those days were the most fun I'd had in a very long time.

After Tomorrowland I went with a small group of friends to the belgian coast for 2 days, just to have some fun and amuse ourselves. We did.

Yesterday I went to help my grandparents in their garden the whole day, they were axing trees, so today is my first and only free day, since I've got a 2-day party planned at some friends, and next week I can start working on my student job.
I just hope fixing cellphones isn't to hard and gets paid well :p.

So still no updates on the projects, you'll need to be with Bram Janssen for FlickMe updates.

See you all later,


Thursday, July 22, 2010


Hey all,

I've done a bit of work on Dragon Disaster yesterday, created a really large hunters-table in the database, and provided some mathematical functions to calculate vitals en weapon-proficiencies. Steven has started working on the new layout.

You won't see me posting another blog-entry in a period of 5 days or so, since I'm going to the Tomorrowland festival (site) in Boom (Belgium).

See you all in 5,


Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Hey all,

Finally made some progress today, Steven came by to work on Dragon Disaster together. Seriously, I haven't seen a database as extended as the one we're creating yet. We were working on the mathematical functions needed to get a battle scene going, and searching for some functions to calculate all possible stats needed. Also, the design for the website will start from scratch since Steven already got tired of the current design, while he only had designed a small portion in the course of a week. If he grew tired already, we would have a hard time keeping users on the site...

About FlickMe, I cleaned up the user-database and created a register page. It's not working yet since I haven't implemented the server side stuff yet. Bram is doing most of the work on that one, but then again, he's a bit more professional and skilled than me. :p

Anyway see you later,


Friday, July 16, 2010

Bram's progress

Hey all,

I haven't been able to do any work this week, but I'm going to give you all an update on FlickMe, since Bram is still working on it.
Here's a screenshot of the homepage a.t.m., still under construction though.


That's it for now, progress on Dragon Disaster hasn't moved on.

See you all later,


Monday, July 12, 2010

Slow progress

Hey all,

Progress on both projects has come to a crawl on my end, since I've been a bit sick lately.
As far as FlickMe goes, Bram Janssen has been working on it, so it has been going forward, though not as much as I would have liked, I'll make it up in a few days.

Then about Dragon Disaster, written a small 50 lines of code, so no progress there either.

I'm off to bed now (at 5:00 pm(!)), and I'll keep you guys updated later.



Friday, July 9, 2010

Currently in development

Hello everyone,
Like I said, I will be updating you all with the stuff i'm working on, so I decided to make this first "decent" blogpost.
  • FlickMe: I can be quite short about this one:

    "FlickMe's goal is to provide a platform based on the love for series and movies. Users can add movies and series that they've seen and get recommended movies and series from the webservice. At the moment is under construction, considering we've just started coding the site. " -- Bram Janssen

    As you can see, it's a project which I'm working on together with my collegue and mate Bram Janssen.
    Oh how easy is it to have collegues who also blog. It makes this post a lot shorter.
  • Dragon Disaster: This project is even a lot less developed in comparision to FlickMe. I'm working on this online browser game together with my friend Steven Tokarek. Actually only the ideas have been expressed just yet, and Steven has started work on some art. People who know me a bit better might remember an old project named "Monster Haunter Online". Well this is the same, except Java instead of that good old PHP.
So those are at the moment the projects which got my interests. I hope they get yours too.
See you later,

Thursday, July 8, 2010

First post

Hello everyone,
Welcome to my blog.
As an ICT student at University Hasselt, a blog like this one can be useful to allow people to check my accomplishments. I will be (or at leasty trying to be) updating you all about current projects I'm working on, and some more stuff that'll spring to mind.
See you later,